Interior Decoration and Home Design

Studio Acanthus (in Rome, Italy) worked for years in interior decorating and home design; it collaborates with various architects to realize art decoration ideas for individuals, businesses and agencies interpreting their tastes and needs, being them roman, tuscan or venetian house style, or more in general Italian style. The long experience in home decoration, academic preparation and sector studies in the field of ancient and modern techniques allow us to produce works of high quality and originality. We realize works on site or on different media, from canvas to wood panels industry, which are then easily sent in Italy and all over the world to be properly placed. We provide, after a prior design and, where possible, after a specific analysis of the environment, frescoes, trompe l’oeil, grotesque, grisailles, paintings and various decorations on ceilings, walls, furniture, doors, woodwork, boiserie, etc.